00-00-0000    Trade Fair of St.Mamas  

Old fashion trade fair while at the same time various cultural events take place, such as the Symposium of Ag. Mamas (food with grilled sausages).

It has been one of the biggest trade fair...more >>

  00-00-0000    Swimming Passage of Toroneos Gulf  
  It is about a swimming competition where the participants have to cover big distances. The participants are usually athletes from all around the world and they have to cross Toronaios Gulf starting fr...more >>  
  00-00-0000    Sani Festival  
  This great festival take place at Sani hill, only an hour away from Parthenonas. It's one of the biggest festivals in Halkidiki, as it takes place from June to August. Sani Festival's visitors are a...more >>  
  00-00-0000    Sea Festival  

The top cultural event of our Municipality is definitely the "SEA FESTIVAL", monopolising the summer nights of locals and visitors, giving them the opportunity to enjoy high quality theatrical pe...more >>

  00-00-0000    Sardine Fest  

Cultural events that last 6 days. It ends on Sunday with the Sardine fest, where grilled sardines and white wine are offered for free. The celebration lasts till early in the morning.

...more >>
  00-00-0000    St. Panteleimonas Festival  

This is a 3-4 days festival taking place at Parthenonas every year, with its peak on the 27th of July, celebrating St. Panteleimonas. Music concerts, traditional Greek dances, games for kids and to...more >>

  00-00-0000    Pamegiston Taxiarhon festival (Neos Marmaras)  

On the 29th of August, the celebration of Pammegiston Taxiarhon is taking place at the center of the near by town of Neos Marmaras. Various cultural events take place, as well as a large trade fair...more >>

  00-00-0000    1st of May  

On the 1st of May, most of the people of Parthenonas and Neos Marmaras, get together for barbeque at Mt. Dragoudelis, on the footsteps of which, Parthenonas is situated.  After a lot of food a...more >>

  00-00-0000    Porto Carras Festival  

The summer weekends at Sithonia are never boring, as the Porto Carras festival takes place during the whole summer. Different music concerts and theatrical shows can be seen at the concer...more >>

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