Walking-Cycling Routes  


Route 1
This route starts at the Elia Beach next to the Athena Palace Hotel towards the height of "Agios Pavlos" (St. Paul), going a little bit further up to the height of "Petros", where you enjoy a fantastic view of Sithonia and the beaches around the area of Elia. (Highest altitude of the route 298m). ...more

Route 2
This starts from the town of Nikiti towards the town of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholaos) and back, through a beautiful route with high pine trees, while during the way one can also see and visit the traditional, small church of Prophitis Elias. (Highest altitude 214m)   ...more

Route 3 
This route starts from Neos Marmaras, goes on to the picturesque village of Parthenonas, and ends North of Neos Marmaras, at the taverna "Drosia", and one can enjoy the fantastic natural beauty while walking or cycling, and later on taste the amazing fresh fish in the taverna. This route takes around 4 hours and takes you up to 360m high.  ...more

Route 4
This route starts from the near by resort of Porto Carras, taking you to the vineyards of the famous and multi-awarded Carras wines, while you walk almost next to the water, getting the chance to also experience the beautiful coves and creeks. At the height where the vineyards are situated, one can have an amazing view of the Toroneos Gulf and of the uninhabited island of Kelyfos. (Highest altitude 160m)  ...more

Route 5
This route starts from the fishing village of Porto Koufo and ends at Kapros, which is the most southern part of the Sithonia Peninsula, where you can also see the Sporades islands, when the weather is good. (Highest altitude 273m)  ...more

Route 6
This route starts at the town of Sykia and also finishes there, after a nice tour in the nearby hills and the grasslands, while you have the chance to watch a different, more "wild" side of the beatiful Greek nature. This route also takes around 4 hours and takes one up to 345m high.  ...more

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